Joaquina has been experiencing the benefits of yoga in her own life for the past 10 years. Joaquina has a deep love of yoga and playfulness. She completed her Kids Yoga Teacher Training in April 2016. In addition, she attended Sonia Sumar’s Yoga For the Special Child workshop to use with classroom movement breaks while working in Hong Kong as a special education teacher. In August 2018, she completed a specialized training in teaching yoga to children with special needs.

She often brought her own experience of yoga and mindfulness into her school teaching. She believes strongly in adjusting or developing a learning program according to every child’s needs whether it’s yoga or in school, to give every child what they need in order to pursue their interests and potential.

In addition to teaching yoga, Lauren maintains a practice at Children’s National Medical center in the department of Neurology.

Joaquina loves to practice with her toddler son, Caio.

“Yoga teaches children how to notice feelings in their bodies and explore new ways of responding.” “Your children will learn skills that they can use on and off the mat.” Joaquina is so excited to share her love of yoga with your children.


Juli is a Kundalini yoga instructor certified by KRI as well as a Public Relations graduate.

He arrived at Yoga in an airplane. For years she was a tireless traveler and on one of those trips she met her teacher sitting next to her on a flight. As soon as she discovered the technique she recognized that what she was looking for all over the world was inside her and she began to share what she had learned with others. At the time of teaching chooses that their classes are cheerful and fun. She loves to learn from her students, especially the children, little great teachers.

Since 2006 he practices yoga. The personal growth that she has experienced through her daily practice is what motivates and inspires her to share this incredible spiritual practice with others. Students in their class acquire a deeper connection and are more aware of themselves physically, spiritually, emotionally and spiritually. She has trained in Yoga Children doing the specializations in the international school of Chile YOGA CRECER and in the North American school RainbowKids Yoga.


She currently lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina, teaches classes to children and adults and conducts trainings for parents and teachers.

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